False colour satellite image of Nanaimo, BC

2022 Winner

Koby Trinker

"I am both a whitewater kayaker and an explorer, and this map is meant to assist me and potentially other Vancouver Island whitewater kayakers. This project was a map of the watersheds and rivers of Vancouver Island. I tailored the map so that myself and other whitewater kayakers could use it as a first step in finding potentially suitable river sections on Vancouver Island that remain undocumented or unrun, with the intention of eventually going out to paddle them. This project began as a web map for my GEOG 328 cartographic project, and then was expanded upon for my final spatial analysis project which was my submission for the Carto Cup!"

This year's winner is the first web map app submission to win the Carto Cup! Congratulations on winning Koby! Follow the link to interact with Koby's map: Exploring Watersheds of Vancouver Island for Possible Whitewater Kayaking Locations

Screenshot of web map showing watersheds of Vancouver Island