False colour satellite image of Nanaimo, BC

2019 Winner

Andrew Wilson

Andrew Wilson is the 2019 Carto Cup Winner for his map showing "Buttertubs Marsh Accessible Trail Guide."

"As a long-time support worker for adults with developmental disabilities, I am acutely aware of the challenges and structural inequalities that face our less-abled citizens.  The Buttertubs Marsh Accessible Trail Guide Map is a great visual tool to assist disabled individuals in making recreation plans and decisions.  This map also responds to a lack of accessibility mapping in the Nanaimo Region and acknowledges an increase in seniors-specific development in the Buttertubs neighbourhood and an aging population region wide. 

Buttertubs Marsh is host to a popular 2.4 km loop trail for walkers, joggers, and bird watchers.  Anecdotally, Buttertubs Drive is home to a high proportion of residents over the age of 65 and this number is set to grow with the development of a 159-unit 6-story supportive housing apartment complex for seniors.    An aging population typically means a higher prevalence of citizens using assistive mobility devices such as walkers and wheelchairs

Buttertubs Marsh Accessible Trail Guide Map was designed as part of the main research project for GEOG324 Research Methods.  The idea came while reflecting on a class discussion with Friends of Buttertubs managers after they had revealed details of the above mentioned demographic changes and coming development in the neighbourhood." - Andrew Wilson

Buttertubs Marsh Accessible Trail Guide.pdf

Buttertubs Accessibility Trail Map