Anthropology Awards

VIU’s Department of Anthropology administers three dedicated awards for anthropology students: the Anthropology Club Award, Adventures in Anthropology Award and the Worldbridger Award. The latter, which replaced the Essex and Kent/Stephen Salem Award (2008-2011), is named after the Worldbridger Film Series. An Anthropology Club Award has been given every year in the spring since 2004; students must apply to be considered.  In 2018 the Adventures in Anthropology Award was established specifically for field school students.

Anthropology Club Award

In 2002, members of the student club wanted to establish an award for those majoring in anthropology. In order to create an endowed award, the VIU Foundation Office was approached to determine the initial amount necessary. In brain-storming fund-raising methods, a head shave was suggested as one of the students was already sporting a shorn pate. Dr Imogene Lim offered her hair (and head) should the target figure of $3000 be reached.

The club achieved more than its goal of $3000. As part of the “event,” Rich Johnston, VIU’s President at the time, was barber-of-the day. He "won" the honour by giving the largest donation ($500). The campaign began in winter with the head shave scheduled Wednesday, February 20, at noon in the Welcome Centre, Nanaimo Campus.

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