About Us

The common goal of Anthropologists is to increase the knowledge of who we are and how we came to be that way. Because the subject matter pertaining to those questions is so broad, students of anthropology find that the information they receive through study gives them an informed background for a vast spectrum of careers including law, government, business, international relations and medicine. It also provides a clearer understanding of what it means to be human. The inclusive nature of anthropology is especially relevant in light of the increasing cultural diversity of our own society and the current intensity of political actions worldwide.

The Department of Anthropology at VIU seeks to reinforce the theory, knowledge and methods acquired through study by providing students with opportunities to apply that information. In 1996, in Vancouver's Chinatown, VIU Students took part in the first urban archaeology project ever undertaken in that city. Other areas of application include human rights facilitation, resource management, cultural sensitivity training and the interaction of culture and the environment. VIU offers undergraduates the option of studying anthropology as a Major or a Minor in a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree program.

Statement on Social Justice

The Anthropology Department is firmly committed to actively fight against racism. As anthropologists, scholars, teachers and citizens, we stand with all victims of racism and social injustice. We commit ourselves to this stance in our teaching, in our conversations, in our scholarship, and in our relationships in the department and with the community.

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