VIU Anthropology Fieldtrip: Peru 2000 - Descent from the archaeological site of Pisac.

Peru - Descent from the archaeological site of Pisac.

The Department of Anthropology regularly provides students an opportunity for study abroad as a 9-credit field school. The courses (all upper-level) offered depend on the location and the faculty member coordinating and overseeing the curriculum, who brings their particular expertise to the program (such as, language skills and research interest). Field schools typically are scheduled during May-June and last from four to six weeks. Some course work occurs prior to departure.

If funding your education abroad is a concern, consider some funding options identified by International Education. Depending on eligibility, you may be able to apply for a loan from StudentAid BC.

One international field school to China, including Macau and Hong Kong, is proposed for May 2019 by Dr. Imogene Lim with Dr. Pam Shaw, Geography. A total of 6-credits is available: ANTH 363. Geography majors/minors will receive the equivalent credits for GEOG courses.  Click here for a pdf of tentative itinerary, costs, and considerations. Contact Dr. Lim or Dr. Shaw, or Jennifer Sills, Study Abroad Manager, to express interest.  To be considered, application forms (pdf) must be submitted by November 9, 2018.

International field schools are administered by VIU's Education Abroad Office. For general information, contact Jennifer Sills, Study Abroad Manager,

2017 Macedonia (Dr. Ilka Thiessen)
2017 North Island Museums & Their Communities (Dr. Lynette Harper) 2016 North Island Museums & Their Communities (Dr. Lynette Harper)
2015 Italy (blog) (Dr. Imogene Lim) 2013 North Island Museums & Their Communities (Dr. Lynette Harper)
2010 Tanzania (Dr. Imogene Lim) 2008 Macedonia (Dr. Ilka Thiessen)
2007 Tanzania (Dr. Imogene Lim) 2007 Cook Islands (Dr. Gary Tunnell)
2006 Polynesia (Dr. Gary Tunnell) 2005 Polynesia (Dr. Gary Tunnell)
2004 Polynesia (Dr. Gary Tunnell) 2004 Thailand/Cambodia (Dr. Andra Thakur)
2003 Caribbean (Dr. Andra Thakur) 2002 Caribbean (Dr. Andra Thakur)
2001 Thailand/Bali (Dr. Andra Thakur) 2000 Peru (Dr. Inge Bolin)
2000 Caribbean (Dr. Andra Thakur) 1999 Thailand (Dr. Andra Thakur)

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