Upper-Level Course Offerings

Fall 2019Spring 2020
312 Medical Anthropology 326 Ethnographic Research
345 Eating Antiquity 334 Anthropology of Ritual and Belief
370 Critical Ideas in Anthroplogy 335 Ethnicity in Canada
418 Researching Community 355 Special Topics: Bioarchaeology of Death
430 Forensic Anthropology 368 Nomadic Peoples
  460 Material Culture Analysis

NOTE: The only courses offered yearly are ANTH 430 in the Fall semester, and ANTH 326 in the SpringAll other courses are generally offered on a two-year rotation.

Also, all anthropology course prerequisites can be waived through "permission of instructor."

GLST Course (taught by Anthropology)

GLST 210 (F19N01): The Human Face of Globalization: An Anthropological View

CLOSE X Anthropology