Preparation of Ethics Statement

Students conducting research involving human subjects must undergo a departmental ethics review (DRP), which includes the completion of the online Tri-Council Policy Statement Tutorial. Projects deemed low risk (see Minimal Risks Checklist) will be reviewed by the faculty supervisor and one other member of the department. All other projects will be subject to a full review by the VIU’s Research Ethics Board (VIU REB). Further information on the submission process.

Tri-Council Policy Statement Tutorial: All students conducting research involving human subjects are required to complete the TCPS 2 Tutorial (CORE) regarding ethical principles associated with such research. It is free of charge and available online; allow for at least two hours to complete it.

Please remember that the turn around time between submission and approval may be a day, or much longer if revisions are required, whether a departmental or VIU REB review. Please plan ahead!

For students considering human subject research while on a Study Abroad or international internship or field school, note that in general this will require a full REB review. This is because research takes place in a different cultural context; therefore, it is no longer minimal risk!

If you are considering research in School District #68; all research is to be approved by the Superintendent’s Office. See Procedure 3871P.

Students must attach to their research proposal the following materials:

Proposals submitted without these documents cannot be approved. Please check with your instructor for any additional instructions.

A sample consent form for interviews; for survey or questionnaire. Any modification of these sample forms should be discussed with your faculty supervisor. These templates address the concerns of Section 4.4 of VIU’s Statement on Ethical Issues.

See samples of student research proposals.