MCP Faculty

PLAN 501: Introduction and History to Planning - Pam Shaw PhD MCIP RPP FRCGS
PLAN 502: Policy and Theory - Don Alexander PhD MCIP RPP
PLAN 503: Ethics - Lindsay Chase PhD (Candidate) MCIP RPP
PLAN 504: Community Design - David Witty PhD MRAIC FCIP RPP; Kate Stefiuk BFA MLA; Chris Midgley MES MLA; Ross Blackwell MAP MCIP RPP AAg
PLAN 505: Planning Law - Lui Carvello LLM MES MCIP PPP
PLAN 506: Planning Practice - Mark Holland B.LA, M.Sc. MCIP, LEED™
PLAN 507: Research Methods - Sylvie Lafreniere PhD

PLAN 601: Citizen Participation and Consultation - Karin Albert MCIP RPP, Pam Shaw PhD MCIP RPP FRCGS



  • Amber Zirnhelt
  • Juliet Van Vliet
  • Karin Albert
  • Mike Irg
  • Rob Lawrance
  • Chris Sholberg
  • Blaine Russell
  • Felicity Adams
  • Coralie Breen
  • Geoff Garbutt
  • Ann MacDonald
  • Rob Roycroft
  • Courtney Simpson
  • Luke Sales
  • Ken Cossey
  • Alana Mullaly
  • Frank Limshue
  • Ann Kjurelf
  • Kate Miller
  • Bill Corsan
  • Monty Horton
  • Pat Maloney

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