About Community Planning

The Canadian Institute of Planners defines planning as “the scientific, aesthetic, and orderly disposition of land, resources, facilities and services with a view to securing the physical, economic and social efficiency, health and well-being of urban and rural communities.”

Planning is a growing profession that seeks to strengthen communities through collaboration, innovation, and design. It is an essential and relevant field that guides sustainable development to ensure the needs of communities are met now and in the future.

Planners have excellent communication, facilitation, and leadership skills, which help them to coordinate with many different stakeholders and decision-makers.  They can easily take on roles within all levels of government, non-profit agencies, and consulting firms to advance public good and improve the quality of life for communities around the world.

Planning is an exciting profession for those who:

  • Are creative and innovative
  • Are good communicators
  • Believe in the importance of sustainable environmental, social, and economic development
  • Are passionate about building better communities
  • Understand the value of place