School of Athen by Raphael

Katie Sutherland: Liberal Studies

Alumna Focus

Katie received her BA with a Major in Liberal Studies in May of 2010 and will commence her Law Degree at the University of Windsor Law School in September 2011 with the intention of working in the general area of human-rights advocacy. This is what Katie has to say about her Liberal Studies education.

"Whenever I am asked what I studied at post-secondary school, my typical response is to exclaim 'Liberal Studies!' with such vigor and passion that people often take a step back. True story. I loved my time spent in the Liberal Studies Department at VIU.  My experiences as a LBST student were deeply profound and life-enriching. The diversity and true love of teaching was shown in each and every member of the Faculty. I always felt supported, encouraged and was consistently challenged along my educational path. The weekly seminars taught me how to be an active participant in my education while also infusing my viewpoints with my classmates' perspectives. 

As I prepare for my future studies in law, I can say with confidence that my training in the LBST Department at VIU gave me the foundation needed to achieve academic excellence.  In my humble opinion, I believe that all citizens should have a Liberal Studies education!"