School of Athen by Raphael

Joanne Moon: Liberal Studies

Alumna Focus

Joanne Moon came to the Liberal Studies program after a successful career in pharmacy.

“I could not have been happier with my experiences in Liberal Studies. I am retired so have not used these experiences to further my career, but I gained a number of things from my two years in the programme. They are mainly personal, but I can see where they would be an advantage in the work force. The most valuable lesson that I learned was to be able to think more clearly, maybe not in my speech, but definitely in my writing. I have learned how to present an argument and to back it up with facts. I also found the courses expanded my creativity, both in the arts and in writing. I enjoyed the variety of people, both fellow students and faculty, that I met and the ease with which I could interact with other students in my classes. I also find that the numbers of ideas and facts that I was exposed to has added to my view of the world and is a great help in both my reading and discussions with others. Finally, it was good to learn that I could still think and learn. As I hope you can tell, my experiences in the Liberal Studies programme was very rewarding.”