School of Athen by Raphael

Deavlan Bradley: Liberal Studies and Education

Alumnus Focus

After completing his BA in Liberal Studies, Deavlan Bradley went on to obtain a Bachelor of Education – also from VIU. He became a full time teacher at the Tsay Keh Dene First Nation School located in Northern BC , and within six months was appointed Principal, a position he still holds:

“So far I have found my career to be extremely rewarding and challenging. I am thankful to the Liberal Studies program for helping to prepare me for my career in two ways. First, my Liberal Studies degree allowed me admission into the education department. Second, and more importantly, Liberal Studies prepared me for thinking about issues from several different perspectives and for being able to complete many tasks simultaneously.

“I now have the privilege of serving a unique community with unique characteristics and needs. I could not have been successful if not for the valuable multi-disciplinary education I received from the Liberal Studies program at Vancouver Island University.”