School of Athen by Raphael

Dave Barck: Liberal Studies

Alumna Focus

"The Liberal Studies Program at Vancouver Island University has helped to provide me with a well balanced and intellectually compelling education.  Through the program I developed strong critical thinking and reasoning ability combined with excellent communication skills through the exploration of significant ideas that have directed and shaped our present day society.   
After graduating from VIU, my education through the Liberal Studies program has helped me in obtaining varied and rewarding work.  First, I went overseas and accepted a position as a kindergarten teacher in Japan.  Even though I am a bit of a reserved person, the experience from our seminars made standing up in front of 23 four year olds a little easier.  As well, the challenges of reading texts from different historical periods and perspectives helped me have a flexible mind when experiencing Japanese culture.  When I returned to Canada, I worked in Surrey as a Mental Health Worker.  Again, the communication skills I gained through Liberal Studies were integral to working with people. I believe I have had these wonderful career opportunities in large part because of the skills that I developed in Liberal Studies. If you have an inquisitive mind and want to gain useful skills in an intellectually supportive environment, this program will be enriching and challenging." Dave Barck

[In Spring 2011, Dave Barck was accepted into two masters programs at UNBC: the MEd Counseling Program, and the Master's of Social Work. Dave chose to enroll in MEd Counselling.]