School of Athen by Raphael

Alumna Focus

Sheena Falconer: Liberal Studies

Sheena Falconer completed her required Liberal Studies courses through the North Island College partnership program in 2009. She then completed a teaching certificate at Simon Fraser University and is now applying for a Master's in Education.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the Liberal Studies program at VIU changed the course of my life. I entered the program filled with doubt about my academic abilities. I felt trapped in my job; I worked in an office and did not see myself ever doing anything different. On the way to class my first day, I carefully rehearsed all of the reasons why I couldn't stay in the program: I had a child still at home, it was too expensive, and I didn't have the time. As I left class that first day, I knew I was hooked.

"Discussing great ideas with our wonderful cohort kept me coming back week after week. Striving to improve my writing, discussion, and research skills was engaging and challenging. Searching for meaning and coming to understand diverse points of view have been invaluable to me as I have moved forward on my journey.

"I entered the Liberal Studies NIC Partnership program in order to obtain a degree. At the time, I did not think that it would be anything more than that…however, after graduation I have also completed my teaching certificate, engaged in research concerning aboriginal literacy in elementary schools, and am now a Special Project Coordinator for an environmental group. I use the skills I gained in the Liberal Studies program on a daily basis as I work with diverse groups of people engaged in how to best manage natural resources in a sustainable manner. I love what I do each day and it all started with the Liberal Studies program."