School of Athen by Raphael

Alumna Focus

Jessica Alford: Liberal Studies

After graduating with a BA in Liberal Studies in 1994, Jessica has had a successful management career in the software development industry.

“My Liberal Studies experience many years ago taught me to critically think inside and outside the box of western culture. The wide range of topics - philosophy, science, art, history, sociology, psychology - provided a true renaissance education. I found my Liberal Studies degree was valued by employers when I entered the software development industry because I could relate technical detail to the big picture of the social function of software applications. I had the critical thinking and writing skills to create analysis and discussion papers on social policy issues relevant to proposed business automation. My degree continued to provide a solid foundation of education on my resume as I climbed through management levels. I was accepted into a post-grad Information and Technology Management diploma program without question. On a personal note, I find that possessing the insight into current events as only knots in the vast tapestry of cultural change and history continues to ease my navigation of modern life.”