What Our Grads Say!

"Many students feel pressure to attend a big name university because they think that's the only way they will be able to find a career or graduate study. I too felt that pressure, but am so thankful I did not succumb to it. Completing my Bachelor of Arts in Criminology at VIU gave me the hands on skills and experience to land a job at a national law office in Vancouver as a paralegal - without paralegal training. It also prepared me for law school - the courses and professors taught me to think critically, and provided me with professional skills that are invaluable. For example, the practicum program taught me how to prepare my resume, network, and also gave me the opportunity to test-run my chosen career. Another important factor in my success was the small class sizes at VIU - I was able to establish a relationship with many of my professors which meant I didn't feel intimidated if I wanted to ask a question. It also lead to amazing opportunities, such as working directly for a municipality on a crime prevention project while earning credit for a class. Getting to know the professors also meant I had helpful references when it came to applying for jobs and furthering my education. Anyone who wants to be taught by professors who are dedicated to teaching should enroll in the Criminology program at VIU."

Erin T.

"The Criminology BA program offered at Vancouver Island University was an experience that I will not forget.The classes, programs, and professors have given me opportunities to grow and mature throughout my studies. The professors put in the time with students, offering assistance with course work and written assignments.The professors, classmates and field placement  enhance and encourage us to step out of our comfort zones and pursue our dream jobs. My field placement has led to a new career with the RCMP this fall [2008]. My sincere thanks to all the professors. To future students, wishing you the best of luck and success, the Criminology Program at VIU will not let you down."

Theresa N.

"I thoroughly researched the various Criminology degree programs available in BC before choosing Malaspina (now VIU). I was drawn by the smaller class sizes that allow the faculty to build a personal relationship with the students. The faculty is committed to helping you achieve your goals, not only within the degree program, but into your career through the practicum courses. VIU has developed a practicum program that allows students to work one on one with faculty to find a placement that interests them, and builds a base of experience that prepares them for leaving the University. The Criminology courses are kept relevant and up to date with frequent guest speakers to provide insight from a variety of perspectives."

Sean W.

"I am very grateful to the staff and management at the Nanaimo Region John Howard Society, and to professors in the Department of Criminology for helping me get to where I am now."

Liz F.

"As a mature student who has had many varied adventures in life, I thoroughly enjoyed the Criminology degree program at Vancouver Island University. Graduating in 2007, I found the studies to be stimulating, giving me new insights into my experiences and observations through out my life. I now look forward to using the knowledge I gained by contributing to my community and society in ways I would never have been able to in the past."

Brian O.

"I graduated in 2007 from the Criminology BA Program. I really enjoyed my time at Malaspina [now VIU]. The professors made the experience worth the extra work. I remember so many times when the professors in the Criminology department took the time to assist me, and even were available just to chat. It was an awesome and open learning environment and I would recommend Criminology to anyone. I am now working as a Native Courtworker. I know that there is so much more that could be said about this program, but all anyone needs to know is that it was worth it!"

Tisha C.

"A Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from Vancouver Island University affords students the benefits of learning in an environment where professors demonstrate a vested interest in the success of their pupils. Through small class sizes, students experience the cohesion of a team where the opportunities to interact and exchange ideas can flourish. Exposure and examination of real-world issues and topics, combined with the expectation and encouragement to be critical thinkers, prepares graduates for careers not limited to criminal justice. The instructors inspired a passion for research, organization, and the betterment of society as a whole which I still carry with me today."

Jaylene A.