Criminology Majors: Your Last Semester

All Criminology Majors must take CRIM 475 (Applied Research/Field Placement) in the last semester of their studies. This course requires that you have two free days a week to work in a criminal justice-related agency. Note that the prerequisites for this course include CRIM 474, PHIL 465, and all third year courses.


Students who have not completed the required prerequisites but wish to take CRIM 475 must request an academic exception for the Exception Committee's consideration. Applications to this committee are reviewed twice a year with deadlines of 5 pm on May 15 and September 30.

How to Apply for an Exception

For consideration, submit your request via email before the deadline to the Criminology Chair clearly indicating in the subject line that this is an “Application for Academic Exception.” Upon receipt, the application will be distributed to committee members for review. 

Applicants will be advised via email of the Committee’s decision as to whether the exception was granted, granted conditionally, or denied. In some cases, additional information may be requested or an interview required prior to a decision being reached. 

What to Include in your Request

All requests must include the following: 

  1. Your name and student number.
  2. Why an exception is needed indicating what requirement or requirements are missing and why.
  3. A copy of your fall and spring course schedules. Note: Students must have two free days available to dedicate to their field placement.  
  4. What type of internship placement you are seeking? If known, indicate the area of the justice system you would like to gain experience in and/or the name of the place where you would like to work.   
  5. Any additional information you would like the committee to consider.