About the Criminology Department at VIU

Mission Statement

We are committed to these values and responsibilities:

We Value…

  1. The academic, professional and personal development of our students.
  2. The contribution of interdisciplinary, evidence-based knowledge to inform our teaching of criminology and legal studies.
  3. Academic freedom and the professional development of our faculty.
  4. Open, frank and respectful communication with and between colleagues and students.
  5. Community engagement through research and other expressions of scholarly activity, information sharing and promoting our student’s experiential learning.

We Will…

  1. Enhance our teaching methods to promote student inquiry, personal development, community engagement and respect for diversity.
  2. Stay informed in our discipline through scholarly activity, community engagement, and leadership on relevant issues.
  3. Support and encourage collaborative research by sharing expertise and resources with faculty and students.
  4. Serve as role models for professional and personal conduct in our interactions with our students and colleagues.
  5. Share the outcome of our scholarly activity with colleagues, students and wider community.