Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

The “Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program" offers prison-based post-secondary academic courses to groups composed of both university students (outside students) and incarcerated students (inside students) who learn together. Founded in 1997 in Philadelphia by one university professor inspired by one incarcerated man, the program is based on the simple hypothesis that incarcerated men and women and college/university students might mutually benefit from studying together as peers. Together, they build classroom communities based on dialogue, collaboration and serious, shared inquiry. The Inside-Out Program places a human face on justice issues while giving both inside and outside students a powerful academic and experiential learning opportunity, grounded in a philosophy recognizing that each human being has innate worth and a story to tell.  VIU is among the first five universities in Canada, and the second Criminology department, to offer Inside-Out, building on the successful experiences of over 140 American universities and colleges.

For more information, see the Inside-Out Prison Exchange (USA) program website. Here you’ll find research, evaluations, testimonials and a few inspiring videos, including one featuring the partnership between VIU and the Nanaimo Correctional Centre.

2019-2020 Courses and Locations

The Criminology Department currently offers to two distinct Inside-Out courses at two different provincial correctional centres on Vancouver Island. Three courses are held per academic year: fall, spring and summer session. The schedule for the 2019-2020 academic year is as follows:

Fall semester, Mondays from 5:30 - 8:30 pm @ Nanaimo Correctional Centre

CRIM 499: From Social Exclusion to Social Inclusion

(Prerequisite: 60 credits completed)

Instructors: Joanne Falvai and Lauren Mayes

Spring semester, Thursdays from 5:30 -  8:30 pm @ Nanaimo Correctional Centre

CRIM 299: Exploring Issues of Crime and Justice Behind the Walls

(Prerequisite: 30 credits completed)

Instructors: Joanne Falvai and Beth McLin

Intersession, May-June, 2020 … forthcoming 

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