Project Management and Governance

The Project Steering Committee is comprised of representatives from:


  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Vancouver Island University
  • Faculty of International Education, Vancouver Island University


  • Faculty of Geography, Taras Schevchenko National University of Kyiv
  • World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development, National Technical University of Ukraine, "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"
  • Center of State Land Cadastre, Ukraine State Service of Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre, Ministry of Regional Development 
  • Ukrainian State Research Institute of Urban Planning (Dìpromìsto), Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing
  • Department of Geoinformatics and Photogrammetry, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture Energy and Nuclear Law Centre, V.M. Koretsky Institute of State and Law of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • Embassy of Canada, Kiev 
  • ECOMM, representative of Esri, Ukraine


  • EuroGeographics