Research Team

The members of the Resilience Research Lab include students, honorary research associates and faculty supervisors.

Check out the lab members page to learn more about our current members and our past members. Also, browse research for a list of lab projects and student projects.   

If you are a student and are interested in applying to volunteer in our lab or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


2022-2023 Group Photo of the RRL Members

Matt Binning, Alec Kuss, Ruth Kirson, Alex Bhargava, Sophia Hawtin, Caroline Burnley, Anissa Jahromi, Stephanie McKenzie, Anil Sutherland, Ella Roger



Anissa Jahromi, Emmerson Pollard, Caroline Burnley, Brianne Knowles, Matt Binning, Ella Roger, Ruth Kirson, Destiny Dendewicz, Sophia Hawtin, Stephanie McKenzie


Lab Photo 2020/2021

Stephanie McKenzie, Anissa Jahromi, Norah Brown, Emmerson Pollard, Jordyn Monaghan, Destiny Dendewicz, Brianne Knowles, Caroline Burnley, Ruth Kirson 


Anissa Jahromi, Brianne Knowles, Stephanie McKenzie, Sophia Hawtin, Ashley Therrien, Ruth Kirson, Caroline Burnley, Jordyn Monaghan, Destiny Dendewicz


Resilience Team 2019

Caroline Burnley, Tarryn Robinson, Stephanie McKenzie, Sophia Hawtin,

Esther van  Velthuijsen, Ashley Therrien, Ruth Kirson, Chihori Tsukura (missing: Jordyn Monaghan)



Caroline Burnley, Tarryn Robinson, Chihori Tsukura, Tom McKinnon, Bronwyn Wydeman,

Katie Eichar, Ruth Kirson and Ashley Therrien



Chihori Tsukura, Tarryn Robinson,Jason Bains, Ashley Therrien,  Ruth Kirson,

Caroline Burnley, Katie Eichar, Bronwyn Wydeman, Jeremy Williams, Stephanie McKenzie, Sophia Hawtin


Lab members

Tarryn Robinson, Braedan Pinder, Ruth Kirson, Jeremy Williams, Spencer Pratt (back row);

Stephanie McKenzie, Ashley Therrien, Bronwyn Wydeman, Caroline Burnley, Chihori Tsukura

and Katie Eichar


Spencer Louwers, Jean King, Pheona Cessford (back row); Amy Moyer, Melanie Digney, 

Ruth Kirson, Caroline Burnley


2013-2014 Resilience Lab Members

Patrick Allen, Melanie Digney, Pheona Cessford, Ruth Kirson,

Daniel Elleker, Lisa Vu, Caroline Burnley (Missing: Chelsea McLean, Jean King and Amy Moyer)



2012-2013 Resilience Lab Members

Amy Moyer, Caroline Burnley, Patrick Allen, Jean King, Ruth Kirson, Melanie Digney,

Pheona Cessford (missing:  Ron Apland)


2011 - 2012

2011-2012 Resilience Lab Members

Ferron Bourdin, Caroline Burnley, Ron Apland, Ruth Kirson, Patrick Allen,  Pheona Cessford,

Jean King, Amy Moyer and Tanya Davis.


2010 - 2011

2010-2011 Resilience Lab Members

Ron Apland, Ruth Kirson, Courtenay Crucil, Kristy Tymos, Patrick Allen, Caroline Burnley, Jean King,

2009 - 2010

2009-2010 Resilience Lab Members

Ron Apland, Caroline Burnley, Ruth Kirson, Jean King, Yana Stratemeyer-Trinczek,

Karen Kurytnik, Kristy Tymos, Amy Moyer (missing: Marilyn Woodruff).


2008 - 2009

Colleen Stinson, Courtenay Crucil, Jean King, Karen Kurytnik,

Kristy Tymos, Marilyn Woodruff, Yana Stratemeyer-Trinczek, and Amy Moyer.

Ron Apland, Karen Kurytnik, Caroline Burnley, Ruth Kirson

2007 - 2008

2007-2008 Resilience Lab Members

Tara Semple, Caroline Burnley, Colleen Stinson, Ruth Kirson,

Larrisa Predy, Darby Eakins, Jackie Moffat, Ron Apland

(missing:  Jen Seagris, Kristy Tymos, Tania Smethurst).


2006 - 2007

2006-2007 Resilience Lab Members

Sarah Engemoen, Tania Smethurst, Tara Semple, Caroline Burnley

Ron Apland, Larissa Predy, Ruth Kirson, Kelly Shi.