Our Graduates from the Philosophy Major Program

Here is what some of our graduates are doing:

VIU Psychology Grad, Michael Caditz

Michael Caditz

Graduated from VIU in 2017 with honours and distinction
Graduated with MS in Energy Management from NYIT, Vancouver, 2018
Founder of Third Transition Media




Babak Zargarian

Graduated from VIU in 2013
Graduated from UBC Law School in 2016
Working in criminal defence law





 VIU Philosophy Graduate Allen PeabodyAllen Peabody

Graduated from VIU in 2012
Attending UVic Law School





 Nico Lohmann

Graduated from VIU in 2011
Attending UVic Law School






Laura Marino Rugeles

Laura Marino Rugeles

Graduated from VIU in 2010
Teaching English at Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)
Publications: What Is Justice? An Investigation of Leo Strauss’s Natural Right Proposition (The Agora, 2010; Winner of the Kendall North Award)





Evan Westre

Graduated from VIU in 2010
Completed an MA in Philosophy at UVic
Thesis: Reexamining the Problem of Demarcating Science and Pseudoscience





Patricia Chisholm

Graduated from VIU in 2008
Employed as research assistant at UVic
Enrolled in Master of Science in Nursing at Trinity Western University






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