The Value of the BA, Social Sciences and the Humanities

Critical Skills for Work and Life

In a world in which many competing interests vie for your educational attention (not to mention dollars), it is important to think carefully about the kind of degree that suits your preferences and abilities, and that will provide you with a comprehensive preparation for an interesting life, in all its social and cultural complexity. In our view, the BA is unique in providing this.

Anyone who embarks on the four-year voyage of discovery that is the BA would naturally wonder too about the job opportunities that lie ahead. The news is good: BA graduates are prized in the job market for the high level of skills they develop in written and spoken communication, careful and creative thinking, problem-solving, leadership and teamwork, social and cultural awareness, civic responsibility, and adaptability to shifting trends. Unlike programs which train students for a particular occupation, the BA is a broad preparation for whatever new careers will arise in the future.

This claim is supported by a weight of evidence and experience. Here we have collected a number of articles making the point.

But don't simply take it from the experts: check out these links to what graduates of some of our programmes are doing now:
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