Employment Prospects

Given ongoing levels of population growth, construction, land development, and environmental protection initiatives occupations that benefit from a knowledge of land management will remain in demand into the foreseeable future. 

The BC Labour Market Outlook (2018) speaks to good demand for urban and land use planners in the coming decades (the category most closely relating to lands management). The Outlook Report also fully supports work that relates to the 94 Calls to Actions as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, in particular those that relate to the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).   

Employment opportunities may include: 

  • Senior managers - construction 
  • Home building and renovation managers
  • Real estate related industries
  • Urban and land use planners
  • Careers relating to architecture
  • Property administration 
  • Community services
  • Government services

Overall, the Certificate will also prepare graduates with the knowledge and skills associated with the top competencies – Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Judgment and Decision-Making, and Negotiation – that are considered important in today’s workforce.