Professional Indigenous Lands Management Certificate

The Indigenous Lands Management Certificate (ILMC) provides a structured set of courses relevant to individuals involved or interested in land use planning/lands management with First Nation communities. The Certificate will acquaint students with the necessary background in history, community design, community engagement, social research, intergovernmental relations, legal issues, treaties and agreements, land codes, site planning, and plan implementation to be successful as a Lands Planner/Manager in a First Nations’ community. 

The successful completion of the Certificate will offer the student a grounding in the skills and tools they need to address issues in their home community and/or gain employment in other communities, agencies, and levels of government. The materials used will be relevant and will reflect the diversity of Indigenous communities across Canada. A community of learners will be developed as students complete the Certificate with other like-minded participants, and on-line platforms will be developed to encourage peer-support and cross learning long after the completion of the Certificate.