What do our students say about the GLST experience?

Lauren Rogers

"Because it is interdisciplinary, the VIU Global Studies program has helped me develop an increased consciousness concerning many international issues: Feminism through a Sociological lens, international development through Political Studies, environmental sustainability through Geography, global inequalities through Anthropology, among so much more. The Global Studies program at VIU has provided me with countless opportunities; I have joined both the Model United Nations club and chaired the World University Service of Canada (WUSC) club because of my involvement with Global Studies. The most substantial opportunity I have gotten from Global Studies at VIU is an internship, which I will be doing both through WUSC and for credits in my program in Fall of 2017. I cannot praise VIU’s Global Studies program enough, and I credit it entirely for my intersectional understanding of the world around me."

Elise Boulanger

"Global Studies takes into account many of the critical aspects in which the world works. It allows one to engage with multiple knowledge systems to help gain a greater understanding and connect unique sectors."

Photo by:  Laura Baldwinson

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Colin Miller

"I was drawn to the Global Studies program, because of it's interdisciplinary approach drawing from a variety of Social Science backgrounds. The Global Studies program has changed my perspective on life and the world, through the various topics and courses that I have taken."

Celine Taylor Smith

“Save the world” is the response that I have always given to people who ask what I aspire to do when I grow up. The Global Studies Program at VIU has provided me with all the various routes and disciplines I can follow in order to make my impact, as well as the faculty and peers that are working towards the same target. Through my studies I have not only learned about the evolving world around me, but more importantly, where my responsibilities lie as a global citizen.

Natalie Gates

"When I came to VIU straight out of high school, my knowledge of the world, NGOs, globalization, and international politics was really limited. Global Studies and Political Studies have expanded it more than I thought was possible in four short years, giving me the ability to form stronger opinions and do what I love--write and tackle the field of journalism--with a much more open mind."

Ashley Siemon

"'When we live in a world that is very unjust, you have to be dissident' - Nawal El Saadawi. As young as a child, I was Hell-bent on making a difference in this world of inequality. The Global Studies Program has equipped me with the knowledge that is required to engage in change. Not just through theory, but through real life experiences of the professors, as well as an opportunity to live out our own experience through an internship of our interest. The program has paved the way for me to successfully live out my dreams. My dreams of dedicating my life to alleviate the suffering of others, but to also play a vital role in helping others aid themselves."

Jacqueline McKanzie-Skinner

"Global Studies offers students a unique opportunity to not just think globally, but to think through the lenses of a variety different perspectives. Whether a students goal is to work internationally, domestically or in any field, the ability to learn to pull together a vast amount of varying concepts gives anyone an advantage in their desired field of choice."