Michelle Mueller

The intended focus of this internship was towards the preparation of the community for an upcoming increase in tourism within the area. Though this was the intended focus, much of the energy and work put in throughout this internship was towards social development within the area. Community development ensures the success of a community towards the draw for cultural tourism and the economic and social stability of people within the area. 

Local Garifuna Business Workshop

This workshop was intended to bring together all local business owners as well as aid them in the development of a plan for the future of their business.

This project involved Dr. Ana Arzu and Rob Hiron

Sports Day

This is a great way to involve the youth and build relationships within the community. A sports day including basketball, volleyball and football (soccer).

Garbage Pick-up/ Beach Clean Ups

This is a continuous project that is strongly encouraged. Though there is no official garbage collection for the village, it is important to encourage the mind set for cleanliness within the area. This promotes pride and empowerment within the community.