Laurent Tran

In Laurent Tran's Master’s program, he studied project management, which included different aspects of monitoring and evaluation (e.g. qualitative and quantitative research methods) both in theory and in practice. This was a skill needed in the development activities in the Kyrgyz Republic, and he accepted a posting there to work as monitoring and evaluation assistant.

His current responsibilities include developing and maintaining monitoring tools and systems, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, contributing to project evaluations, mapping projects and results, etc. He says it is challenging and stimulating, and involves working across sectors. It requires him to be stationed full-time in the Kyrgyz Republic, sometimes working in remote areas, with an annual visit to Canada. 

He says, if you combine your Global Studies major with another major/minor, you can greatly expand your professional opportunities. In terms of pursuing graduate studies, he says that the Global Studies inter-disciplinary nature provides a good "launching pad" and foundation for a variety of Master’s degrees and specializations across the Social Sciences. The Global Studies program provides the most career opportunities when either combined with another major/minor, or used as a basis for further studies at the graduate level. 

Laurent believes the Global Studies program is a great opportunity to explore various interests to understand looming global issues from multiple perspectives. Moreover, the Global Studies Internship provides an important opportunity to gain practical skills in a professional setting. Its multidisciplinary approach is also a potential strength as it provides the basis for further pursuits in a variety of disciplines, both academically and professionally. The Global Studies program provides students with the flexibility to pursue their own interests within a wide-ranging academic framework. However, this also requires effort and willingness on the part of the student to take ownership of their own goals and actively seek opportunities to reach these goals, in order to maximize the opportunities that such a program offers. As a Global Studies student, you are provided the opportunity to "let your vision be world embracing, rather than confined to your own self", which he believes is invaluable for the success of any individual, community, or institution.