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Geography Internships

Geography Internships

Geography Department Internship Opportunity 

Geography will be offering an optional Internship opportunity for Geography Major and Minor students in their 3rd or 4th year.  Internship programs are a way for students to gain work experience in their field of study, through career development and placement.  At VIU, Co-ops and Internships are managed by VIU’s Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL) and used by a variety of VIU programs, from Criminology, to Physical Education to Interior Design, among others.  Learn more about VIU's Centre for Experiential Learning.

To participate in this Geography Internship opportunity, you first need to register for a geography specific three-credit course taught by CEL faculty in the Spring term. 

INTP 300 Planning for Upper-Level Internship

Provides opportunities for students to synthesize theoretical knowledge and practical experience within their field of study. By engaging in a variety of self-discovery activities students will identify skills, strengths, interests, values and competencies to inform their search for a relevant and meaningful internship experience.

Academic credit towards a GEOG degree will be included for the 3-credit 300-level prep course, and three credits of a single internship, to a maximum of two internships (ie: two separate internships, each worth three credits).

Please confer with VIU Advising to confirm that the credits for the INTP 300 course and summer internship credits meet the requirements for your future graduation needs.

Upon completion of INTP 300, you will then be eligible to take part in a work experience internship in the summer. These work experience placements, which may involve government, the private sector, the not-for profit sector or others, will be identified through an effort involving the CEL, and the student.

The INTP 300 course can be found through the VIU course timetable.

For more information contact: Michele Patterson (Geography Chair)