The EPRL has a wonderful team of undergraduate research assistants: 

  • Jeremy Wright (psychology major, BA Honours) 
  • Alex Bjornson (history major, psychology minor, BA) 
  • Teneal Gagnon (psychology major, BA)
  • Omid Nateghi (psychology major, BA)
  • Alisha Quinn (psychology major, BA) 
  • Emma Ferris (psychology major, BA)
  • James Taylor (psychology major, BA)
  • Tish Lewis (psychology major, BA)

Lab Alumni:

  • Cara Frey (psychology major, BA Honours) *graduated in 2019
  • Tarryn Robinson (psychology major, BA Honours) *graduated in 2019
  • Kendra Stiwich (psychology major, BSc Honours) *graduated in 2018
  • Bronwyn Wydeman (psychology major, BA Honours) *graduated in 2018

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