Michael Lait


What courses does Michael teach?

My teaching and research interests have gravitated towards social change and social movements; environmental sociology and the sociology of housing; and most recently Decolonization and Degrowth.


Why did Michael choose to teach Sociology?

Sociology is the meeting point of the disciplines and seeks a multi-dimensional understanding of the issues confronting us. Through ecological, socio-economic, cultural, feminist, and decolonial approaches, sociology encourages us to call into question the status quo in a variety of contexts, and to explore pathways for social transformation. It fosters and supports both academic and creative activities, as well as social activism.      

What does Michael love about VIU?

It is one of the few universities with small class sizes that prioritizes students and cares about their learning experience. There's a collaborative atmosphere in the Faculty of Social Sciences, community-based research and community-service learning projects abound, and - in Sociology at least - group work is a regular component of course work. Through the Sociology department, I have learned  how deeply VIU is connected through its students to the world of non-profit and community organizations, both locally and abroad. In almost every one of my classes, there are International Students who share their experiences and perspectives.