Course Overview

Structured to take place over the course of two semesters (from September to April), CBAIR students and faculty hold 3-hour weekly meetings through the year. The course begins with a two-day orientation session (Orientation Days) held in August where students get to know each other, the faculty, and meet the Clients for whom they will undertake research. A weekend retreat (knows as the REB Bootcamp) is held in October for students to compile their research proposals and Applications for Ethical Review.

The results of these research projects are presented by students at VIU’s CREATE conference in the Spring. Some students have also presented at international conferences such as the Couch Stone International Symposium (held in Nanaimo in 2016), the National Council on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Memphis (2017) and in Oklahoma (2018), and the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) in Sheffield, England (2018). The final results are presented at the yearly Grande Finale to which are invited all the clients, Deans and faculty members, family and friends of the CBAIR students. The final report is provided to the Client and added to VIUSpace where it may continue to act as a resource for future researchers.

 In 2018 CBAIR won the Provost Award for Excellence in Teaching Design and Practice that Employs Experiential Learning.