Through awareness, regulation, heart-fullness, and aligning, it becomes possible to connect to, and transform the collective consciousness.

We are an interdisciplinary collaborative who’s joy and commitment is to support individual and collective healing, reconnection and deeply rooted thriving, towards the transformation of human consciousness and our social systems.  The core practices of expanding awareness, self/co-regulation, heart-full and aligned action describe the process of developing into our best and most authentic selves and awakening to live our calling.

Dr Shannon Dames

Dr Shannon Dames is spearheading the ongoing evolution of the Roots Theory and continues to take the lead on Research and Development efforts. Roots to Thrive began as a byproduct of her doctoral studies of resiliency, which included the exploration of core factors that promote human flourishing in healthcare providers. She also has extensive experience as a forensic nurse examiner (responding to sexual assaults and child abuse incidents), nursing professor, resilience researcher & educator, and as the lead for the medicine-assisted therapy program.  Connect with Shannon via Linkedin

Marnie Roper

Marnie comes to the Roots to Thrive team with an extensive history as a change agent in spiritual and mental health and experience in addictions counselling and trauma informed practice. She now works as a Spiritual Health Practitioner and serves as a Roots to Thrive facilitator.

Phil Dames

Phil serves as the Roots to Thrive Operations Director and virtual program developer. Phil comes to the Roots to Thrive team with a long and successful history working with families and corporations, managing nearly every facet of their financial wellbeing. Phillip’s passion surrounds mens health and cultivating environments that promote emotional awareness and expression. Phil also serves as a Roots to Thrive facilitator and the operations director for the medicine-assisted therapy component of the Roots Program.

Lori-Anne Demers

Lori-Anne comes to the team with an extensive history in individual and organizational change initiatives.

She is a transformative coach and facilitator who works with leaders in organizations and communities. A path of life-long learning and exploring human development began over 25 years ago when Lori-anne took on becoming a Communication Course Leader for Landmark Education, the globally renowned self-development training corporation.

 In 1998 she began to develop the Core Alignment Pathway including an ICF accredited Coach Training Program. Participants around the world have gratefully received these programs, which commence with a weekend in a retreat setting. Hundreds of people learned to “remember who they are, discover what they love and be true to themselves”.

Kate Wilton

Kate comes to the Roots to Thrive team with expertise in nursing, yoga instruction, and community programming facilitation. She now works with Ladysmith Family and Friends, as a Yoga instructor, and as a Roots to Thrive virtual facilitator.

Wes Taylor

Wes partners with others to transform lives, relationships, and organizations. During the ‘80s and ‘90s, he worked as a therapist in addiction and trauma recovery in the US and Australia. The next decade was focused on providing advanced Nonviolent Communication SM (NVC) seminars for consultants, mediators, and trainers in N. America and Europe. Since 2007, Wes has been bringing together best practices from Psychotherapy, Integral Theory, Restorative Justice, Coaching, Change Management, NVC, and more to his work of Organizational Development in healthcare, most recently with Island Health and First Nations Health Authority.