Past Events

Social Justice Symposiums

What Are Your Pension Funds Up To?  (MAR 2012)

Social and Political Issues in Latin America  (MAR 2008)

Environmental Ethics after Twenty Years  (OCT 2002)

Philosophers' Cafes

The Promise of Biophilic Cities (MAR 2024)

What Is Identity? (FEB 2024)

(Not) Assumed White at Birth (JAN 2024)

Why Is Consciousness So Problematic? (NOV 2023)

Spring Lineup (2020)

Fall Lineup (2019)

Spring Lineup (2019)

Spring Lineup (2018)

Fall Lineup (2017)

Speaker Series

Should We Believe the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow? (Caditz, APR 2018)

Knowing How to Fight (Collier, MAR 2018)

Identity and the Law: Lessons from Polyamory (Ayers, JAN 2018)

Were the Dark Ages Actually Dark? (Clemotte, NOV 2017)

On Thought and Optimism (Konchak, OCT 2017)

Thought Forum: Undergraduate Philosophy Conference (APR 2017)

Conscience, The Law, and Assisted Death (Bauslaugh, MAR 2017)

Evidence in Criminal Cases (Halfyard, OCT 2016)

Will the Real Science Please Stand Up? (Westre, OCT 2016)

Doctor Assisted Suicide (Shanner, Kamill, Clemotte; APR 2016)

Measles, Ebola, and You  (Shanner, OCT 2015)

Big Data and the Surveillance of Everything  (Richers, APR 2015)

Our Changing Landscape: Aboriginal Title in BC  (White, MAR 2015)

Albert Camus: The Absurd Hero  (Lane, NOV 2014)

Gadamer, Emerson, and Philosophy as a Way of Life  (Konchak, OCT 2014)

Realizing an Enigma (Robertson, APR 2014)

Justice and the Law  (Bauslaugh, MAR 2014)

Unlearn, Rewild (Olson, OCT 2013)

Moral Realism Versus the Myth of the Fact-Value Distinction (Clemotte, MAR 2012)

Animal Rights and Human Exceptionalism (Taylor, JAN 2012)

Reading Biblical Texts Reasonably (Ramsey, DEC 2011)

Musical Expressiveness, Psychology, and the Contour Theory (Young, OCT 2011)


Thinking about Law School? (JAN 2023)

Career Explorations (DEC 2022)

Writing a Philosophy Paper (NOV 2022)