Dean's Seminar in the Social Sciences

This interdisciplinary (SSID) course is an elective which can be taken by advanced students in any major or minor in Social Sciences. It is a participatory seminar in which up to 15 students and the Dean discuss a text or idea with widespread impact across the disciplines.

SSID 300 (1) Dean's Seminar in the Social Sciences
Close reading and critical evaluation, through roundtable discussion, of a significant work pertinent to the social sciences. Students will receive a Pass or Fail on the basis of participation alone. This 1-credit course involves no lectures, examinations or written assignments, and may be repeated up to three times with a different topic. (0:1.5:0)
Prerequisite: Third-year standing in a declared Major or Minor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and one of the following: mention in the Dean's Honour List or invitation from the Dean.

Course Outlines

Fall 2015
Spring 2015
Fall 2014

Spring 2014