The Team

Team members that are vetting the development and research arm of the ‘Curriculum that Promotes Self-compassion among Healthcare Providers’

  • Shannon Dames (VIU Representative/lead of theoretical and empirical project construction)
  • Marnie Roper (Spiritual Health and project ‘tools/mindfulness’ construction)
  • Alexa Garrey (Research assistant – project empirical construction)
  • Wendy Young (Research Coordinator/project networking and vetting)
  • Lori-Anne Demers (IH Organizational Development Consultant)
  • Graham Blackburn (IH Physician)
  • Tine Reimers or assigned representative (VIU Curriculum Development Consultant)
  • Dawn Nedzelski (IH Administrator support)
  • Uta Sboto Frankenstein (IH Nanaimo: Research Navigation Coordinator)
  • Stephanie McCune (Mental Health/Substance Abuse Education and Research Manager)
  • Patricia O’Hagan (HHS Dean Administrator support)
  • John-Marc Priest (Trauma Services Manager)
  • Jeff Morley (Registered Psychologist and BCNU Resilience trainer)
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