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"Roots to Thrive" Intranet Screen Shot

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ARNBC Webinar - Why are you thriving when I'm barely surviving?

ASC Spring 2018 Episode 8: Self Compassion

Roots of Resilience #1 Interview with Prof. Shannon Dames

Recent Related Publications

Dames, S. (2018). The Impact of Interplaying and Compounding Factors in the Novice Nurse Journey: A Basic Qualitative Research Study. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. doi:10.1177/0844562118817079

Dames, S. & Javorski, S. (2018). Sense of Coherence, a Worthy Factor toward Nursing Student and New Graduate Satisfaction with Nursing, Goal Setting Affinities, and Coping Tendencies. Quality Advancement in Nursing Education. Sense of Coherence toward Novice Nurse Satisfaction

Dames, S. (2018). THRIVEable Work Environments: A Study of Interplaying Factors that Enable Novice Nurses to Thrive. (2018). Journal of Nursing Management.

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