The Student Assignment Drop Box is located on the 3rd floor of B356. It is to be used as a last resort for students to drop off assignments that cannot be submitted during class or office hours, or by special arrangements.

Please inform students about this option for submitting assignments in your course outlines, put this poster on your office door, or explain the practice in class.

We empty the box at 8:00 am daily, date-stamp (not time-stamp) assignments, and place them in B356 faculty mailboxes.The date stamp is kept inside the Assignment Box and a loaner key is stored in the mailroom so you can access the Box yourself at any time.

The box discourages students from slipping work under office doors (which contravenes privacy legislation). Exception: students completing exams under special accommodation (e.g. for documented disabilities) should continue to hand them to staff.

Please ensure that student have professors’ name and course ID on assignments.

CLOSE X Social Sciences