First-Year Learning Communities

Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Connexions learning communities are integrated courses that provide extra support and high-impact learning for new VIU students.

These are 6-credit courses, either combined from two existing 3-credit courses or created as stand-alone “super-courses”. They provide university credit in common 100-level courses in humanities and social sciences counting towards your degree. Many include an English course equivalency, so they help you fulfill your VIU Degree English Requirement, as well.

Why should you consider Connexions courses?

    • You spend the equivalent of two courses with the same classmates-you get to know each other and learn together
    • Common readings, assignments and coordinated due dates streamline your  workload
    • Collaborations, either formal or informal
    • Team teaching from the faculty
    • “Real-world” assignments on real problems

Such team-taught, 6 credit courses are associated with greater academic success and better transition to the university environment.

Fall 2018

CoursesEquivalent Courses
FNAT 101: Exploring Indigenous Identities 
INTR 100Popular Culture and Writing*ENGL 115/MEDI 115
INTR 101Digital Media and Literature*DIGI 110/ENGL 125
INTR 103: World Geographies and Writing*GEOG 100/ENGL 115
LBST 111: Love and Friendship** 


Spring 2019

CoursesEquivalent Courses
FNAT 102: Exploring Indigenous Communities 

INTR 100: Popular Culture and Writing*

ENGL 115/MEDI 115

INTR 101: Digital Media and Literature*

DIGI 110/ENGL 125

LBST 112Knowledge, Good and Evil**

INTR 208: Public Speaking and Slide DesignENGL 208/ARTG 272

* Fulfills 3 credits of the Degree English Requirement (the same equivalent course cannot apply more than once)

** LBST 111 & 112 together satisfy the Degree English Requirement (except for programs requiring ENGL 115/204)


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