Have a Look at GIS

Geospatial Revolution - Penn State's excellent video introduction to geospatial technology.

View our Introduction to GIS video - an overview of GIS, its uses in the real world, the ADGIS program at Vancouver Island University, and more. Delivered by our very own GIS faculty member, Dave Cake.

ArcExplorer Web is a very simple GIS application that runs in a Web Browser (such as Internet Explorer) and allows you to examine GIS data.  Have a look at a map of Mars, look at Hydrology and Relief of the United States, or examine the Population of U.S. states and counties.  Get a feeling for what it's like to explore a small part of the spatial data that is available on the Internet.

Carto Cup

VIU's Annual Cartographic Design Challenge.

CLOSE X Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications